Revised December 1, 2016 for 2017

Part 1: Name
This organization shall be called TEAM NASHVILLE BASSMASTERS, and shall be operated as an independent club. This club
will be an affiliate of the Tennessee Bass Federation, and will strive to operate within the guidelines set forth by the TBF in order
to maintain its affiliation.

Part 2: Purpose
To improve our skills as fisherman, through fellowship and friendly exchange of fishing techniques and ideas, and extend our
fullest cooperation to our State Conservation Department.

Officers, Elections, & Membership


President: Preside over all meeting and conduct all official business. It shall be his/her responsibility to appoint and direct all
committee functions, and to supervise all club activities.

Secretary/TBF Correspondent: It shall be his/her duty to conduct all correspondence for the club and the TBF which includes
being present at all state meetings. (If the secretary is unable to be present at any meeting, one of the other officers will be the
secretary replacement.) The Secretary shall maintain the club’s active roster and will communicate any changes by email to all
members. The Secretary will assist the President with preparing agendas for monthly meetings.

Tournament Director: Supervise all tournaments according to tournament rules, conduct weigh in, oversee blast off, and weigh
in times.

Points Chairman: Maintain an up to date record of the point standing and tournament pairings for emailing or distribution at
each club meeting. Point’s total is based on tournament finishes, meeting points, and participation points and determines final
standings for all year-end awards, fish off finalists, and state team qualifying.

Treasurer: Maintain and report the up to date financial record, at each club meeting.
Responsible for purchasing year-end awards and shall maintain an open log on all member’s dues which includes logging late
fees to be paid. No expenditures shall be made without prior approval by the membership. Any monies over $100.00 for
activities expenditures must be voted by members prior to event and to make the necessary pay outs after each club tournament.

Nominations of officers for the upcoming year will be made at each October meeting, with the elections to be held at the
following meeting in November. Elections will be by secret ballot and be determined by a simple majority vote of members

Part 3: Voting Eligibility
Anyone who is a paid member in good standing with the club and has been a member for at least one full year is eligible for one
vote. No proxy vote will be permitted.

Part 4: Terms of Office
Terms of office shall be one year starting January 1, and shall continue until successors assume office.

Part 5: Eligibility for Holding Office
Anyone who has been a member for at least one year and has attended at least three-fourths of all club functions is eligible to be
nominated and run for office.

Part 6: Vacancies of Office
If an office becomes vacant, nomination and elections shall be held at the next regular meeting to fill the remaining term which is


Part 1: Number of Members
Membership will be limited to 50 members. After a full membership has been established, the club will begin a waiting list. If at
any time the club has a membership vacancy, such vacancy will be filled from the waiting list in order it was made. Boat owners
will be considered first in order to maintain an adequate number to conduct tournaments. One free membership will be extended
to our local state conservation officer.

Part 2: Smoking Ban
Smoking is not allowed during regular monthly club meetings.

Part 3: Membership Requirements
Any person voted into the club must agree to sign a waiver/agreement of release. No member may participate in any club
activities until they have signed the waiver agreement. The waiver agreement can be found in Appendix 1 of the By-Laws.”

Appendix 1: Waiver / Agreement to be completed by all current or future members of the Team Nashville Bassmasters.

Team Nashville Bassmasters

Release & Waiver Agreement
“I assume any and all risks associated with participating in the Team Nashville Bassmasters Bass Club and particular activities
that I agree to undertake, including but not limited to, negligent or reckless acts by other participants and club members, all such
risks being known and appreciated by me. I also agree to abide by the rules of the club as set forth the by designated officials
and club members. Knowing these facts, and in consideration for being permitted to participate in the club, I hereby, for myself,
my heirs, executors, successors, assigns, or anyone else who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive release
and discharge Team Nashville    Bassmasters and their respective officers and club members, from any and all losses, costs
(without limitation, litigation costs, and attorney fees), claims, damages, suits, actions, demands, liability, and expenses in
connection with loss of life, personal injury and/or property damage of any kind whatsoever, in law or in equity, arising out of or in
the course of my participation in club events. In consideration of possible taking of pictures or images in connection with the club,
the undersigned grants Team Nashville Bassmasters the irrevocable right to use, record, and distribute without further obligation
or payment to the undersigned or the undersigned’s family, the undersigned’s name, likeness, and/ or statements for any and all
purposes at any time in any and all media now known or later developed including without limitation television, radio, print and
print media, videotape, audiotape, the Internet, on-line services and other telecommunications, wire, and/or computer drive
media. I, the undersigned, acknowledge that I have read the foregoing release and indemnification, am executing it knowingly,
voluntarily, willingly, and free from any coercion or duress, and am fully aware of its contents and legal effects. I, the undersigned
agree to abide by all of its terms.

Club Member Name (print)_______________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________
City ________________ State___________ Zip_____________________
Signature ___________________________________________________

Part 3: Eligibility for Membership
All members must be 18 years of age or older. Any person wishing to be considered for
membership must be present at a regular meeting and pay the membership dues. A majority vote of members present will
determine memberships.

Part 4: Membership Dues
Membership dues for the season shall be $81.00 and are to be paid upon affirmation of membership. This amount covers the
following: Team Nashville dues of $21.00, Tennessee State Federation dues of $10.00, Bass Federation dues of $15.00 and
FLW membership of $35.00. Payment to FLW Federation must be done by the Mother Club at time of all other membership
dues. (FLW dues may vary see Secretary for details). TBF dues go directly to TBF, $1 million Club Liability Insurance, and
Personal Accident Death/Disability Insurance. If a member uses another club as his “Mother Club” the member will not have to
pay the TBF $15.00 fee. Two ($2.00) dollars of the Club dues will go to buy the Club President a jacket when he/she leaves
office. The annual dues period will be January to December of the year paid. All renewal dues (TBF&FLW) are due by
December 31st. Any dues paid after this date shall incur a $10.00 late fee. Any club money remaining at the end of the year will
be carried into the next year.

Part 5: Removal from Membership
One’s membership may be terminated without any refund for any of the following reasons:
A. Failure to pay dues on or before the February meeting following the December expiration date.
B. Acting in a manner which would dishonor or disgrace club.
C. Failure to notify an officer of the club that any entered boat in any tournament will not be available for that tournament in ample
time so that other arrangements can be made
D. Failure to attend at least one half of all club’s functions during a one-year period. (Club functions include meeting, tournament,
and non-fishing events such as the banquet, etc.).
E. Failure for the non-boater to comply with the expense-sharing rule outlined in the tournament rules.
F. No-showing at an entered tournament (see “Tournament Rules”- No Shows)
The above violations may be waived by a majority vote of the membership if an attending member’s reasons are deemed valid.

Team Nashville Junior Bassmasters
Team Nashville will be the host sponsoring club for “Team Nashville Junior Bassmasters”

Part 1: Membership Requirement:
The junior club is open to any child of/or sponsoring adult member of Team Nashville
Bassmasters Club dues for junior members are free. State or National dues are whatever is required to compete in the
State/National Federation Tournaments and are set by State /National Federation each year. All dues are due upon joining the
TNB Junior club. Eligible juniors must be at least 9 years old but not older than 15 years of age on or before August 1st.

Part 2: Junior Tournaments:
Team Nashville Junior Bassmasters will actively participate in all Junior Bassmasters with contingent eligibility.

Amending Constitution, Opportunities to Advance, and Season Awards

Part 1: Amending the Bylaws and Constitution:
The bylaws, constitution and tournament rules may be amended at the December meeting by a vote of eligible members. A
2/3rds vote of members present will be required to pass a change/amendment to the bylaws and tournament rules.

Part 2: Amending the Tournament Rules
The tournament rules may not be amended after the December meeting.
Part 3: Voting Eligibility
One must have been a member in good standing with the club for at least one full year in order to vote on amendments or
changes to the bylaws or tournament rules.

Opportunities to Advance
Participation in Tennessee State Federation
Members who qualify to represent the club in the state tournament must be active members in good standing during the year in
which they attend the state tournament. (See Part 5 Section D) The top 6 eligible for the state federation tournament entry fee will
be paid from the club treasury. Each team member will also receive $50.00 for expenses ($300.00/team). This expense
allowance will be reviewed and approved annually and only continued if club finances permit it.

Season Awards

Part 1: State 6 Man Team Awards
1st through 6th place Trophies or Gift Cards in the points standings (after all drops) will be awarded at the end of the fishing
season. Additionally, these (6) anglers will represent the club at the State Federation tournament held the following year. Ties in
the point standings will be broken by the total weight of yearly catch. When members who qualify for the state tournament cannot
participate, the next member in order of the final standings will qualify as a replacement. This procedure will continue until a
replacement is named. In the event a replacement cannot be named before entry deadlines, the tournament committee will select
a member at random; who they think will best represent the club.

Part 2: Sam Turpin Classic Qualification
The fall Classic has been renamed the Sam Turpin Classic in his remembrance. The tournament committee shall determine a
mystery lake for the Sam Turpin Classic and notify the membership at the October meeting. In order to be eligible to fish the
Classic, one must finish in the top (16) in the final points standings (after drops). Those eligible will be notified of their eligibility at
the October club meeting. After the top (16) have been determined, the top (8) will have choice being a boater or non-boater. If
one of the top (8) chooses to be a non-boater, then the next qualifier has the option of being a boater and this procedure
continues until the field of (8) boaters has been filled. In the event an eligible qualifier cannot fish the Classic, the next top finisher
will become eligible. The lake selected for the Classic shall be off limits for all competitors from the announcement date until the
tournament. However, each contestant is allowed to fish one practice day during the off limits period.

Part 3: Big Fish Award
A $100.00 Gift Card will be presented to the angler at the end of the season for the largest bass during tournament competition.
Only point’s tournament will count towards the determination of this award.

Part 4: Angler of the Year Award
The Angler of the Year award will be awarded based on all tournament points and meeting points accumulated. This is a
separate award from the state (6) man team and top (16) fish off awards. The award is a ($250.00) check or gift card..

Tournament Rules and Prize Money

Part 1: Interpretation and Clarification:
These rules will remain unchanged throughout the year. If a situation arises to which no rule applies, or to which a clarification of
a rule needs to be made, or if special circumstances arise, the Tournament Committee shall make an on the spot final decision
concerning the matter. The change must be unanimous to pass. (This will simply be for setting disputes, protests and
misunderstandings if they occur).

Part 2: Tournament Committee and Duties:
1. The club president, treasure, tournament director, secretary and point chairman will act as the tournament committee.
2. The tournament committee will prepare a tournament schedule including sites, dates, ramps, and times to be presented to the
club at the February meeting. All tournaments shall be at least nine hours in length with the exception of Opens or non-scoring
3. The tournament committee shall conduct random partner drawing at the club meeting prior to each tournament.
4. The tournament committee will conduct weigh-in after each tournament to include measuring and checking for dead fish.
5. The tournament committee will have the right to check boats for life jackets, kill switches, fire extinguishers, bailing devices,
ropes, paddles and alcoholic beverages.
They will have the right to disqualify any boat if they feel it is unsafe.
6. The tournament director will have the right, at his discretion, to delay or postpone any tournament in case of fog, inclement
weather or unfavorable lake conditions. If a tournament is delayed for any reason, it will count as one of the dropped scores in the
points standing and will not be rescheduled.
7. The tournament director shall coordinate his efforts with the tournament committee so those tournaments are run in an orderly
8. Protest: Any protests by members of a team must be made at the time of weigh-in.
Protest must be resolved within 30 minutes of the weigh-in. The tournament committee shall give final ruling on any protest.

Part 3: Eligibility and Tournament Rules:

Tournament will be open to members in good standing only. Fees will be $40.00 (or $43.00 if done on-line) per person, per
tournament. This includes the following, payment fees, and $5.00 for big fish pot. Fees should be paid prior to partner drawing.
Refunds will be made for cancellations of no less notice than 24 hours before starting time. Members not able to attend meetings
must notify a tournament committee member of his/her intentions to fish prior to the meeting or that member will not be allowed to
fish the tournament. Fees paid after the meeting will have a $5.00 late charge. Entry fees are due at the meeting and no later
than 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament. Non-payment will result in a team disqualification. Any member whose check
does not clear the bank will require a $30.00 fee plus the amount of the check. Two or more bad checks will require cash only for
all future fees. Checks may be dated for up to seven days after due date.

Partner Assignments
Tournaments will be fished in a 2-man team format. Partners will be randomly drawn at each meeting prior to the tournament. All
non-boaters will be drawn before boat owners to ensure their place to fish. After all non-boaters have been drawn, pairing of
boaters will begin. The first name drawn will be considered the boater and teams will use his boat unless an arrangement can be
made between partners to use the other boat. No two individuals may fish as a team in two consecutive tournaments. A boat
owner will fish no more than one tournament by himself if unassigned at any tournament drawing.

A non-boater will pay his partner ($30.00) minimum to help cover expenses (tow, gas, oil, etc.) for local tournament and ($40.00)
for tournaments further as 60 miles from Nashville. Any failure to do so should be reported to the tournament committee.

Boater Designation
Non-boating newcomers are encouraged to join the club. However, to balance each tournament, draw with equal numbers of
boaters and non-boaters, any member who owns or has access to a boat deemed acceptable to compete in (as determined by
the tournament committee), shall have to make his/her boat available for all tournaments entered after being in the club for two
years or in 16 tournaments, whichever is less. All boaters must show proof of having an up-to-date $300,000. Liability insurance
policy before they will be allowed to use their boat for any club activity.

Scoring will be tabulated by the total weight of each boat. Total weight will be awarded to both team members at each
tournament. For example, fifteen pounds will be awarded to both members of a team weighing in a total of fifteen pounds of fish.
All fish will be checked and weighed by the tournament director. (See Protests) The decision of the tournament committee is
final. Each team must bring their fish to the tournament scales in a plastic bag. Each team is allowed to weigh a maximum of 5

Ramp locations:
A member may launch his boat at any ramp of his choosing but must be at the official blast off point when the tournament begins.
Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Blast off Time:
If all eligible participants are present, the Tournament Director may start the tournament at first safe light instead of the time
listed. Weigh-in times will not be change if the tournament begins earlier than listed on the schedule.

No-shows for tournaments will have to reapply for club membership unless decided otherwise by the tournament committee.
Also, anyone arriving 30 minutes or more after the blast off will be considered a No-Show and will have to reapply for club
membership unless decided otherwise by the tournament committee. Exceptions will be made only if the member calls either his
partner or one of the tournament committee beforehand. (Personal calls only no messages). No new dues are required for

Short or Dead Fish
The penalty for a short fish when presented to the tournament officials will be the measure short fish plus (1) one pound deducted
from total team weight. A penalty of .25 lb. will be deducted for each dead fish weighed in. All fish should be returned to the lake
with the exception of dead or unhealthy fish.

Late Arrivals to Weigh-In
A penalty of 1.0 lb. will be deducted for each minute a team is late for the weigh-in. After 15 minutes, the late competitors catch
will be disqualified. If a tournament participant leaves before the weigh-in, they are required to contact an officer of the club to
notify them that they are off of the water safely.

Legal Fish
Only largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass may be used for scoring points. A limit of 5 fish per boat may be weighed in.
State laws will determine minimum size limits during tournaments. If no minimum size is required by the state regulations, a 12”
minimum will be enforced. Fish will be measured with mouth closed and tails may be fanned or pinched. All fish will be measure
on the official Golden Rule board belonging to the club. No mutilated fish will be weighed in Kentucky bass will be classified as
largemouth bass for trophy awards.

Culling Fish
All teams must cull on the sixth (6) fish at time of catch. No more than five (5) fish should be in the live well at anytime.

Only artificial baits may be used, with the exception of pork rind, etc. Only one rod and reel (8) foot or less may be used at a time.
Other outfits may be in the boat and ready for use. All fish must be caught alive in a conventional manner. No trolling with
outboard motor is allowed during the tournament.

A chest type COAST GUARD approved P.F.D. must be used at any time the combustion motor is running. It is the responsibility
of the non-boater to furnish his own P.F.D. A kill switch is required on all boats and must be attached to the operator while the
combustion motor is running.
A First Aid Kit must be on all boats. (See tournament director for details). Any boat deemed unsafe by the tournament committee
will not be allowed to enter a tournament. The tournament committee has the right to check Live Wells for fish and any
compartment that may be able to hold fish or live bait. Any violation of the above rules may be grounds for disqualification or
removal from membership. Any participant disqualified for any reason will not be awarded any refunds or participation points.

Sportsmanship: courtesy, safety and conservation are expected from each member. Drunkenness during tournament hours will
not be tolerated. Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed during tournament hours. No fishing is allowed within 50 yards of
another competitor’s boat. All fishermen should act as a team while participating in tournaments and allow their partner a turn at
the front of the boat at least one half of the fishing time. All fishing must be done within a boat. Operating a boat in an unsafe
manner by any member may be grounds for disqualification.

All points will be awarded in the following manner:

1st place- 100 points per person
2nd place- 99 points per person
3rd place- 98 points per person

And so on until all participants have been awarded. Any team with no catch will receive (10) points less than last place weigh in.
Each competitor will drop his lowest three scores for season awards. Only the best five out of eight tournaments will be used to
tabulate final scores, giving each member the opportunity to miss three tournaments.

Meeting Points
All club members will be giving (1) point for each meeting attended during the year with a maximum of (5) points being allowed.
Points begin accruing in March and end in October. This is to encourage attendance to all meetings by club members.

Participation Points
Members who actively work in the Frostbite Open and/or actively participate or work in Kids Fishing Day shall be given (1) bonus
point for each event. All other events deemed necessary by a simple majority vote of the members present will be given (1)
bonus point. Bonus points will be added to their point standings for year-end awards, fish offs, and state team berths with a
maximum of (4) points.

Prize Money

Part 1: Entry Fees
Entry fee for each tournament is $40.00 or $43.00 (on-line payment) per individual angler. Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) from each
$40.00 entry fee will be used for tournament pot awards. Five ($5.00) from each tournament fee will be used for season awards.
Five (5.00) will be used for the Big Fish Pot (BFP). Five ($5.00) will be used for the Big Bag of the Day award until amount of
$250.00 is reached. The designated amount of ($5.00) from the (Big Bag of the Day) award will transfer to the Big Fish Pot
increasing the BFP payout to ($10.00) from each tournament fee.

Payout breakdown:

Before Big Bag of the Day cap is reached:                     After Big Bag of the Day cap is reached:

Tournament Pot       $25.00                                               Tournament Pot     $25.00
Big Fish Pot               $5.00                                               Big Fish Pot           $10.00
Big Bag of the Day    $5.00                                               Seasonal Awards    $5.00
Seasonal Awards      $5.00

Total                          $40.00                                               Total                        $40.00

Prize money will be split among winning partners equally. Payouts will be based on the number of entries.

Part 2: Tournament Pot Awards
The tournament pot awards of $25.00 are prize money paid out at monthly tournaments.

Part 3: Big Fish Pot
The big bass side pot of $5.00/$10.00 is 100% payback. It will be paid out at the end of every regular season tournament.

Part 4: Big Fish Award
The Big Fish Award will be allocated from the following:

Tournament Late Fee: Five $5.00 dollars of all late tournament entry fees.
Team Nashville Bassmasters: Will pay for the remaining cost.

Part 5: Big Bag of the Day
The pot payback is $5 dollars for every angler that participates in a regular season tournament. The $5 dollars will be added to
the total pot each month during the regular season until a team wins pot. The pot will cap out if
it reaches $250.00. The $5 dollars
will continue to be deducted until pot cap is reached. Afterward, the $5.00 allocation will move to the Big Fish Pot. The pot cap of
$250 dollars will increase annually by $50 dollars at the end of the tournament season. The purse amount will be on the monthly
financial statement for review to members at club monthly meeting. The Big Bag of the Day will be presented to a winning team
of a regular season (1) day tournament event that total weight is (20) twenty pounds or more.

Part 6: Season Awards
The season award of $5.00 dollars is used for expenses for Sam Turpin Classic

Part 7: Allocation of Prize Money
Allocation will be awarded base on boat participation. Payout requires you to weigh a legal measured fish.

Payout Allocation:

1 thru 4 boats –       1st place check only
5 thru 8 boats –        2 places
9 thru 14 boats –      3 places
15 or more boats -   4 places

Prize Money:

1 - 4 boats                        100%- 1st place

5 - 8 boats                          60%-  1st place
                                          40%-  2nd place

9 -14 boats                        50%- 1st place
                                         30%- 2nd place
                                         20%- 3rd place

15 or more boats              40%- 1st place
                                         30%- 2nd place
                                         20%- 3rd place
                                         10%- 4th place

Ties will be handled by adding the money of the places together and dividing it equally between those involved in the tie.